This article originally appeared in St. Louis Magazine.

Thirty-seven years. That’s how long Phish has been travelling the world mesmerizing its fans with their jam-based psychedelic, funky sound and light show. Summer to myriad Phishheads has come to mean a time of traveling from U.S. city to U.S. city to see their favorite band in the universe play. For St. Louis, summer began last night when the band came to Chaifetz Arena to play night one of a two-night concert.

Phish kicked off its summer 2019 tour with two nights in St. Louis. The last time they played St. Louis at Chaifetz Arena with the entire band was in 2012. Pre-show, fans lazed outside on a beautiful late spring/early summer afternoon. Shouts of “get your whippets here” could be heard on the field of the Catholic school that Chaifetz Arena shares. Which is to say the Phishheads haven’t changed all that much over the years—some have gotten older (as has the band) but there are always younger ones to bring up the ranks.

The Tuesday-night concert began at 8:05 p.m. with “Cool Amber and Mercury.” Fans who had been calmly waiting immediately began swaying and dancing to that and the rest of the songs throughout the night, which included “Stash,” “Free,” “Bathtub Gin,” “Ghost,” and “Joy.”

If you missed the first night or can’t make the second night in St. Louis, Phish has you covered with live, online webcasts brought to you by St. Louis-based 201 Productions.